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Getting Started

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Well, here we go. I have started this website/blog to promote kayak fishing and to fulfill some awesome duties which I now have. My simple goal for this blog is to promote kayak fishing, as it is something that I love. I will post articles, reports, reviews, videos, and basically "all things kayak fishing".

I ask that you would please bare with me, as I am slowly trying to get the site up to par. This is taking more time than I expected. Gradually, the site will get better and better.
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Shane has been kayak fishing since 2009 and is passionate about it. Inshore saltwater kayak fishing is his addiction of choice, however, he enjoys the occasional offshore and freshwater trip as well. He mainly fishes the inshore lakes, bayous, and marshes of Southwest Louisiana but does venture into other territories. Shane is a member of the Hobie Fishing Team and holds Pro Staff positions with YakAngler, Lucid Fishing, and Ship To Shore Co. He was also the founding president of the Lake Charles Kayak Fishing Club. "My simple goal for this blog is to promote kayak fishing as it is something I love. I will post articles, reviews, videos, photos, and basically all things kayak fishing." ~Shane [Shane Coleman] (