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Has Spring Fishing Decided To Show Up?

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We have all become accustomed lately to the reports that talk about strong winds, muddy water, and few or no fish. Occasionally, there have been exceptions but generally this seems to be the consensus, even on a national level. Many kayak anglers, including myself, have seen several days/months where there is little to no action on the water. Well yesterday, I personally had a glimmer of hope that spring fishing has decided to arrive.

I chose to make a quick trip to Joe’s Cove here in Southwest Louisiana. I only had about 3 hours to fish, so I wanted to make the best of it. I launched at about 12pm and it was clear and sunny at that time as forecasted. I was amazed that the forecast was actually accurate. However, after getting on the water, I realized it was not totally true, as the winds were still pretty strong and they did not cease, as predicted.
I began my short trip by drifting the reef that runs thru the center of the cove. I quickly realized that this was not going to be productive, again due to the wind and very muddy water. As I arrived closer to the west bank, I could see clear and calmer water. I decided to check it out. As I moved closer to the west bank, I learned the water was very clear and it was literally filled with schools of 1” sized shad. So, I decided to stick around for a bit to see what happened.

My first cast, I threw a Skitter Walk with silver bottom and chartreuse top. I bumped it a couple of times and stopped, as I was side tracked looking at the vast amounts of bait fish hovering around my yak. After taking a short peak, I again looked up to my Skitter Walk. Low and behold, at the exact time I looked up I saw a quick and very aggressive hit, accompanied by a loud thump! My Skitter Walk had disappeared from the water’s surface. I quickly attempted to set the hook but of course I had slack in my line because of my wondering eyes (shame on me) and when I was able to get some tension on the line, the violent fish was able to spit my lure from his mouth. However, my heart began to race and I was excited. I promised this would not happen again, at least due to not being prepared.

My third cast, I made a few bumps and saw a swirl just behind the Skitter Walk. I made a short pause, followed by two quick bumps, and BAM! I quickly set the hook and it was fish on. After a valiant fight, I was able to pull in this beautiful 21”+ Redfish.

The bite turned on instantly and I was able to get a couple of more hook ups and a rat red at the beginning. However, after that brief moment the reds were no longer interested in my Skitter Walk. They appeared to be preoccupied with the thousands of bait fish at my location. I quickly scrambled trying to “match the hatch” but it didn't matter what I threw. I could simply just watch them, even some monsters, gorge themselves on the shad. I was amazed to watch this feeding frenzy go down right before my eyes. The redfish appeared as missiles shooting all around and even under my kayak as they violently attacked their prey.

As quickly as the bite turned on, it also stopped. The frenzy lasted only about an hour and I suppose that after the reds gorged themselves, they decided they had enough. Unfortunately, I was unable to make a last ditch effort and I had to head back to the launch. Even so, I was happy and excited after seeing the feeding frenzy and of course there is nothing greater than a topwater hook up. After everything, I left the cove with a glimmer of hope that “Spring Fishing Has Finally Arrived!”

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