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2015 Hobie Outback: Initial Impressions

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When Hobie released the changes that were made to the Outback for 2015, my curiosity was peaked. I had made up my mind the new Outback would be a serious consideration for my next kayak. Luckily, my shop sponsor, Ship To Shore Co, offered me the opportunity to try it out before making any decisions. After having had some seat time over the weekend all I can say is… “Hobie nailed it!”

Initial Impressions:

The new Vantage seat is very comfortable. I can’t even explain how comfortable it actually is, you just need to try it so you’ll understand. It is also easy to adjust and offers a wide range of positions. My favorite is the high position, which gets me up off the deck, ready to cast and a better view of what’s going on in the water. I was amazed the Outback did not feel “tippy” at all in the high position, leading me to the conclusion that I will probably be leaving the seat in the high position most of the time.

Another thing that impressed me was the layout. The Outback is very well thought out. Everything was in arms reach and I can’t stress enough of how nice this is while on the water. The layout makes fishing so much more enjoyable.

One of my biggest questions about the Outback was… Could I stand? Hobie opened and flattened the deck so as to make standing a possibility. I enjoy sight fishing for reds in skinny water and so standing is very important to me. The lack of this possibility could have been a deal breaker. Well, let me just say the Outback is impressive. I stood in it with wind, choppy water, and boat traffic. The Outback was very stable and offers a great platform for sight fishing. The deck is elevated and it feels very firm. Another thing worth mentioning is, although the Outback is very stable, it also paddles well. These two things don’t always go hand in hand.

Last but not least, the Mirage drive! Hands free fishing, traveling long distances with less fatigue, battling the winds and current with ease… what else needs to be said! I put some miles on the Outback in less than ideal conditions and the Mirage drive lived up to its reputation. I could even eat while moving from one location to another. All this equates to… more time fishing and hopefully more fish in the yak.

So, to sum up my initial impressions I say it again… “Hobie nailed it!” And now I have a 2015 Hobie Outback.
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