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Catchin’ Fish or Catchin’ Up

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Last week, I had one of the best fishing trips I have had in awhile. However, it was not a great trip for the reasons that most would imagine. It certainly deviated from the norm of my fishing excursions.

I am what some may consider an intense fisherman. While on the water, I have a habit of getting very focused on nothing more than fishing. I have been known to lose track of anything or anyone around me, other than what is going on in the water. There are actually some inside jokes floating around our local kayak fishing club. There was a time we had a group fishing trip and I became very focused on what I was doing. I found a spot where the top water bite was producing nicely. After apparently much time passed, I looked up to find there was no one around. Most had already gone home and the few that remained had moved to other areas. It is incidents like these that have generated some insider jokes.

I also spend the majority of my fishing trips fishing alone. This is not by choice but mainly due to my work schedule and partially because I prefer to fish during the week, so as to avoid the “weekend warriors”. This reality further fosters my habit of getting “lost” in the moment of fishing.

Now back to my recent trip. For my last excursion, I was able to connect with a friend that I haven’t fished with in awhile or seen for that matter. For whatever the reason, maybe the stars aligned, we were able to coordinate our schedules and make a trip on a Friday.

I met up with him in a canal near a local private launch. He decided to launch a little earlier and I was unable because I had to drop the kids off to school. When we met up, we spent the majority of our time in catching up on everything that had been going on with each other. After awhile, we both agreed that we should actually try to fish a little. We fished for a brief time and then met up again. There was some more chat involved and we decided to move to another location. On the way to the next spot, we talked and when we got there, we talked a lot more. After spending the better part of the morning “lost” in conversation, we decided to head back to the launch. We talked while going back to the launch and at the launch. After it was all said in done, we shook hands and both agreed that it had been a great trip.

Now fast forward a day or two. I received a message on Facebook from someone inquiring on my recent trip. I responded it was a slow day, for a lack of better words, as far as fishing was concerned. We only caught a few fish between the two of us. Were the fish there and could we have done better? I think there were and yes I think we could have. I then admitted that I went with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile and so there was very little fishing that took place. To use my own words: “We did more catchin’ up than catchin’ fish.” Even still, I had one of the best trips I have had in awhile… but for different reasons. Sometimes when we fish, it doesn’t always have to be about the numbers or the size. Sometimes it is more important to catch up with a friend than it is to catch fish.
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