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Hobie "Sailing" Rudder

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Awhile back, I read where someone wrote that the Hobie “Sailing” rudder is the best and most inexpensive upgrade you’ll ever make. Although there is nothing wrong with the stock rudder that comes with the kayak, I do believe the “Large Twist and Stow” rudder (aka-Sailing rudder) can provide benefits to certain anglers that are invaluable.

The stock rudder is small and compact, which is nice. However, the small size causes there to be a slight delay before the kayak begins to turn when going from stop to start. With the stock rudder, you are required to gain a certain momentum before the rudder “catches” in the water and begins to actually turn the kayak. If you have used these rudders, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. Now, this will not be a problem for those who mainly fish large open bodies of water. The need to immediately begin your turn from a stopped position is probably not a huge necessity. However, if you fish in cramped areas like small canals, cuts etc., this delay may be a problem.

The Sailing rudder is much larger, in both length and width, than the stock rudder. The larger surface area allows the angler to immediately begin his/her turn from stop to start. The rudder “catches” in the water with only slight forward movement.

For someone like myself who fishes a great deal in the marsh, in cuts, and in other tight areas, the ability to make a sharp turn with no lag time is invaluable. So, if you are an angler who fishes these types of areas, the Large Twist and Stow rudder may be an upgrade you want to consider. At just over $30, it may even be the best and most inexpensive upgrade you’ll ever make.
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