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Spec Limits in Grand Isle, LA

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The end of May I had the opportunity to fish the IFA Tournament in Lafitte, LA, which also meant two days of pre-fishing. I spent most of my time in Grand Isle, LA. It was new waters for me and so I thought I would share about an easy yet productive place to fish, even for a beginner.

Let’s talk launch location. Grand Isle has several marinas where you are able to launch for a fee. However, these have a great deal of boat traffic, which may be a little scary for some. There are also places to launch from the beach and even roadside but you have to know where to go and also be mindful of private property issues. Grand Isle does, however, have a public kayak launch. It is located about mid-island and is at the end of Ludwig Lane. It is next to the Wildlife and Fisheries Marine Fisheries Laboratory. The launch is still developing but is a great place to put in. The area is protected by rock barriers and is a non-motorized zone, which means you can avoid boat traffic. I launched there the second day of pre-fishing and was able to fish that area.

Now let’s talk fishing. You don’t have to go far! Certainly, there are a number of kayak anglers who stay close to the launch and fish the rock barriers. If you go just north of the launch there are several small islands. However, you should be cautious when crossing the main body of water to the islands, as there is a lot of boat traffic. The islands are a short distance from the launch and provided me with the opportunity to catch more than a limit of speckled trout. The specs that I caught were all smaller in size. The biggest was just over 18” and most were 16” and under. I fished around the islands and at the mouths of the several cuts and channels that pass through them. Most were caught on Vortex Shad (Shrimp Cocktail) and Matrix Shad (Lemon Head), although I did see others catching some with artificial shrimp under a popping cork. The specs were there in abundance, the redfish not so much. I decided against fishing this spot for the tournament but it was fun to say the least.

So if you are headed to Grand Isle, LA you might consider the public kayak launch. It provides a great launch location with easy access to a quantity of specs. If you are looking for a place to catch a large number of speckled trout for fun or looking to fill a cooler with some for the frying pan, this may be a good option.
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