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Water Socks for Kayak Fishing?

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A few months ago, I was given two pair of water socks for review purposes. The socks are made by Farm To Feet and are called the Blacksburg Water Socks. They retail for $17 dollars a pair.

The socks are made to wear with the many different types of water shoes that are on the market today. The website describes the socks as such:

“The ultralight, UV-resistant, and unbelievably quick-drying Blacksburg was designed for fishermen, stand-up paddlers, and anyone else looking for a low-profile sock to prevent abrasion and blisters during long days on the water. Hidden plaiting construction utilizes PTFE-coated nylon fibers for a frictionless feel—even against soggy skin—that won’t wash out over time. Fully synthetic materials and dedicated drain vents in the sole eliminate that soaked-shoe feeling and keep drying times to an absolute minimum.”

I was excited about the possibility to be able to wear a sock that would eliminate any rubbing that may occur while wearing water shoes. I was also anxious to test out their claim that the socks are “unbelievably quick-drying”.

When I first put on the socks I was amazed at how they breathed. I could literally feel cool air on my feet. This gave me some hope that they would in fact dry quickly after getting wet. However, after much use on the water and intentionally getting them wet, I have come to the conclusion that the socks are not quick drying, at least in the sense that I understand dry.

I will admit that I do really like the socks and I use them every fishing trip. This is due to other benefits the socks provide. Let me explain. Although the socks do not dry completely, they also don't hold water. The socks are lightly damp but they do not have that “soggy” feeling. This coupled with the fact the socks breath so well, my feet do not seem to get “water-logged” and they actually feel cool. For these reason, I do believe they work well for the water and for their intended purpose.

I originally was doubtful of the $17 price tag. However, after two months of some pretty harsh use, I haven't noticed any signs of wear. This leads me to believe that the socks are very durable and will probably last awhile. If you plan on purchasing the socks specifically for fishing trips, it appears you will be able to get your money’s worth.

If you are interested in checking them out, you can go to the website at If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section or send me an e-mail and I will be happy to help if I can.

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