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Walk-The-Dogs On My "To Buy" List

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It is no secret my affinity for top water walk-the-dog type lures. Without a doubt, Rapala Skitter Walk hails to be among my favorites. However, there are some that have yet to be released that are certainly on my “to buy” list that I am anxiously waiting to try. Here is my list of lures I am anticipating to hit the market and one that is already on the market but I have yet to get my hands on.

Matrix Mullet
I have been an avid fan of everything that has come from the Matrix Shad Company. Both Matrix Shad and Vortex Shad soft plastics have been consistent producers in my tackle box and some of my biggest specs this year have fallen prey to the Vortex Shad, black with chartreuse tail. Recently, I had the opportunity to put their Golden Eye Jig Head to the test when I unknowingly sight cast an over 30lb black drum on a very small 1/8 jig head. During the ordeal, I expected the hook to straighten at any minute but after the long fight, it was intact. Because of the effectiveness and durability that come from this company, it is no wonder I was excited when I heard they would soon be releasing the Matrix Mullet. The Matrix Mullet is a top water walk-the-dog type hard bait that may rival all of its predecessors. One thing’s for sure, the fact it is a Louisiana company we can expect the lure and its colors will be tailored to our needs.
(Taken from the owner, Chas Champagne's, Facebook page)

Paul Brown Soft Dog
ICast is a time when many companies release the up and coming. During ICast, it was made known that the Soft Dog would be added to the Paul Brown lineup. Although it was supposed to hit the market in September of this year, I have yet to find it. The Soft Dog is a top water walk-the-dog type lure but comes housed in the common soft body as the other Paul Brown lures. It appears it will be of a smaller frame than other lures in this category. It has been said to tempt those less aggressive fish partly due to its size and partly due to it being quieter on the water although it does come with a rattle.

Rapala X-Rap SubWalk
I could not fail to mention the Rapala X-Rap SubWalk. This is not a new lure but has yet to make it into my tackle box. This lure is not a top water per se but is a walk-the-dog style lure. It works just below the surface and is said to hang around the 3-6” mark. It has been best described as a sub-surface Rapala Skitter Walk. Now you can imagine why I would like to get my hands on some to give them a try, given my luck with the Skitter Walk.

So, these are the walk-the-dog type lures that are at the top of my “to buy” list. Hopefully in the near future I can add them to my arsenal and give some reviews on how they have held up to my expectations. Until then, I’ll just have to wait in anticipation.
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