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Flounder Forgot the Run

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When I went fishing last week, I received a pleasant surprise… several flounder. I usually like to put some flounder away during the “Flounder Run” to last during the winter but it seems I wasn’t able to do that this year. My wife really enjoys flounder and so we ate them as soon as they came in and I didn’t really freeze any. So, I thought my days of nice flounder hauls would have to wait till the spring. However, it seems the flounder are still hanging around and are still in abundance. I don’t pretend to be a biologist but I suspect it may have to do with the unusually warm temperatures we have had all winter. To be honest, we really haven’t had any normal winter temperatures until the last couple of weeks and even then it is only for a short time. I made a comment to someone a week prior that I believed the fish were confused and still in fall patterns. I believe this might be true to some extent.

Nevertheless, the past trip was productive. No trophies, nothing with any size but just a lot of good eating fish. I actually went expecting to get on a good trout bite. I hooked three almost back to back. I thought I was about to load up but then things shifted. I began to hook up on flounder after flounder. It almost didn’t matter where I went or where I threw, flounder were everywhere. Well, not exactly and that was an exaggeration, but you get the point. I ended up keeping eight flounder that day.

Fishing was pretty straightforward and I didn’t move around much. Find a cut or canal draining out of the marsh and into an open water body, and you will probably find fish. There has been a lot of water draining out of the marsh as of late and with it comes bait fish. Everything is being flushed out.

As far as lure selection, I caught almost everything, including the specs, on Vortex Shad (black with chartreuse tail) worked slowly on the bottom. I did catch one spec on topwater using, yep you guessed it, Skitter Walk (black top, gold, with orange underbelly). Occasionally, I would dab a little Pro Cure on the Vortex Shad if I felt the fish needed an added incentive.

I have received a lot of questions on social media, especially from some folks who are new at the flounder game. So, I thought I would throw out a little information for those peeps. As far as flounder are concerned, at least in my area, ambush points, moving water, and soft bottoms are very important. I hear a lot of people talk about flounder being on drop-offs. That hasn’t been my experience. I find them in shallow water, which has water flowing over/around it. As far as lures are concerned, you really can’t beat a Berkley Gulp swimming mullet worked slowly on the bottom.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a great year of fishing and my plans for the year are already whirling in my head. Hopefully, I can actually make some epic trips. Last year the lack of vacation time at my new job prevented this. I am also pleased to be working with/representing the same companies as last year, no new additions. Great companies, great products, and great people… Hobie, Lucid Fishing, YakAngler, and Ship To Shore. I really appreciate the opportunity and consider it a privilege.

Check out the video of my recent trip. My little boy does the narrating and he was so excited.

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